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We’re revamping right now and are looking forward to showing you what we’ve been working on.

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Welcome to StrangeWonderful. 

While we’re revamping we figure we’ll tell you about what we’re doing in preparation of our new release. Many moons ago we started this site as a pop-culture goto but were having a hard time keeping up as we had too much (way too much going on). Now that we’re more settled, refreshed and bubbling over with new ideas we’d like to bring you the content you’ve been wanting and deserve. 

Music is an integral part of our lives and we know its the same for most of you. From the shows and movies we watch, the events we attend and the soundtracks we walk and work to, music is everywhere and everything. By sharing the latest tracks on our playlist, music events were attending and new releases, we promise to keep it drama free. 

We’re a collective of Music lovers, Concert dwellers, DJ’s, Producers and Event planners that truly love music. Whatever your aesthetic, you can find it here. 

Stay Gold. 

The Strangers + The Wonderful

If The Music Is Good


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