The Storybook

As woman, we are as soft as smoke, and twice as deadly. 

When photographing women I always try to remember to not confine them to what they are wearing or how beautiful they are. This is one of the biggest mistakes photographers often make. When you give someone the freedom to be themselves this thing happens where they let their guard down and give you something you cant force or create. They give you nature in its truest form, raw emotion, joy, fear, sadness, love. They give you beauty in its rarest but truest form. 

Smoke Break for The Ghost of Our Past


Shooting beautiful locations is easy, you just pick the prettiest area you can find, set your models up and snap away. But finding the beauty in concrete, in ugly, in chaos is a lot more fun. You may even decide not shoot models and to shoot people, people with a story to tell with something they are accomplishing. Photography isnt just about shooting models in pretty locations. Its about creating a narrative from any corner, any alley, and person we so see fit for our mission, or us for theirs. 

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Finding Light

Lighting can be a tricky subject especially when youre not sure wither your taking photography serious enough for investing in equipment. Borrowing & renting are options that will become your goto when either you have a paid shoot or you know someone that trust you. If you’re friends with other photographers (close friends as in you speak outside of photography and hang out) Don’t be afraid to ask, or if your not sure what type of lights you’ll need. Research famous photographers you like or take a class and learn lighting techniques. Lighting can really make or break the emotion in a story.