The dark tried to consume her, but she made her own light.

Woman, as soft as smoke, she is consumed. Deep Breath, it’s all clear. At dusk she is found burning down the embers of herself that no longer serve purpose in her rebirth. A new phase like the moon she’s changing. She wears her pain like scarlet, beautiful, truthfully. 

The Phoenix, never dies, just burns into embers, reborn, more beautiful and glorious than before. 

Smoke Break for The Ghost of Our Past

You can feel it in the air. There’s no where but up from here. Stay true to your word and keep your eye on the prize. Ambition is needed so the dream can survive.  It’s getting colder, check your shoulders its getting windy on the ship. 

Ghosts, return, faces turn, for business and revenge. Dancing with the devil, has always been a trend.